Colorado FM – Make The Most Of Your Colorado Vacation

Welcome to, nobody loves Colorado more than I  do. Born and raised in the high country I’ve been in every corner and every mountain range in the state. Over the years, I’ve visited all of the high country towns, attended all the music festivals and explored most of the state’s famed ghost towns.

Here is what you can expect from ColoradoFM:
1. An insiders take: Visit here, not there. Some towns in Colorado are nothing more than tourist traps, think Estes Park for example. If you love t-shirt shops by all means make the trip. But if you want to explore Colorado off the beaten path a bit make sure you check out little mountain towns like Ouray. We’ll give you all the inside info.

2. Where to stretch your dollar: Vacations are always expensive, eating out, pricey lodging, it all adds up quick. Fear not though, there are ways to make your money last longer. Most of my life I’ve lived pay check to pay check but still managed to see the state three times over. I’ll tell you my tips for getting by for less.

3. Don’t miss events: There is a check list I have of things everybody should do once in Colorado. Visit Strawberry Springs, see a show at Red Rocks or visit the New Belgium  and Odell’s Breweries in Fort Collins.

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